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Talking About Living Ghosts with Lina Espina Moore - #Paranormal

Lina Espina Moore

 I'm remembering the time I talked to the novelist, Lina Espina Moore, about her stay in the Cordilleras, Northern Luzon. This was when she was married to Kip Moore, manager of a lumber company in that mountain area. Lina was very happy there, and she was also very productive as a writer there.

l-r: Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Lina Espina Moore

Lina was my mentor. We were both Cebuanas, from the so-called "Old Families of Cebu" and she took me under her wing. She introduced me to noted writers like F. Sionil Jose, and made sure journalists knew me. She used all her clout to help me as a beginning writer. Lina was very, very kind to me, and even now I remain grateful to her.

I used to visit her when I was in the Philippines, and we had wonderful chats together. Sometimes we would go to Intramuros and visit Casa Manila and the San Agustin Church. Sometimes we were with other artists and writers; sometimes we were by ourselves. We never ran out of stories.

One of her stories was about the time her husband died and she left her beloved house in the Cordilleras.  She related that when she met people who lived or worked in the house, they said they would see a woman like her in the house, like a ghostly apparition.  The thing though was that Lina was very much alive at that time, although she was in Manila, not in the Cordilleras.

We wondered if it was possible that if a person loved a place so much, some of the person's energy remains in the place.

It was an intriguing thought, and one that flits through my mind now and then.

l-r: Lina Espina Moore, Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra (my mother), Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

 I found this link about the Ikiryo or Living Ghost, which is popular in Japanese belief. It refers to a spirit that leaves the body of a living person and haunts other places or people, sometimes across great distances.

There are other similar phenomena, like the Out-of-Body Experience. I swear I had several Out-of-Body experiences when I was in college. I recall being awake but being unable to move my body because my spirit was outside my body.  I'm serious about this.  The experience spooked me so much, and it stopped.  I've had psychic friends say that such an experience is actually a gift, but since I did not welcome it, it left me.

There are many paranormal experiences that we don't understand but do happen. If you have ever had one and wish to share, email me at

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