Sunday, February 22, 2015

Visiting Cambria, Central Coast, California

It's a 4 1/2 hour drive from the Los Angeles area to Cambria, Central Coast of California. Because there's construction along the coast, we drove inland, through the Central Valley, referred to as the breadbasket of America, although California's severe drought has affected its current agricultural production.

We drove through Kern County with its numerous oil fields. There were also orchard fields of almonds and other plants, with boxes of domesticated bee hives. These poor bees are shipped from all over the world to pollinate these fields. 

There was a heavy Tule Fog in the Central Valley; I don't remember seeing fog that thick and dark, like some kind of awful smog. The sky cleared up by the time we got back to the coast and the mountains were green and lush, and the seaside beautiful

In small Cambria, Main Steet Grill is the best place for barbecue and hamburgers and Lauren had his tri-tip sandwich while I had a veggie sandwich.  (Earlier, I had indulged in Chicken Fried Steak and eggs for brunch.)

It drizzled this morning and it's been foggy and gray for most of today, but Cambria is like that. That is part of the charm of the place. You bundle up, build a fire in the fireplace, and keep warm.

We had brunch at the Creekside Inn and visited the elephant seals in their reserve. Otherwise, it's been a do-as-you-please day, which means I've been writing (and surfing the internet). Lauren has been reading and watching sports on TV.

I'm sharing pictures of the oil fields, orchards, seals, and an intriguing circular stone arrangement, which makes me imagine this was arranged by ancient people for some purpose.

The seals are plentiful this year. The babies are around two months old. Some moms are still hanging around, but many have gone out to sea, leaving their babies behind. The young ones will have to learn to survive on their own. There are a few males around, the dominant ones supervising their harem. The young males lurk in the periphery, literally hoping for a "quickie" from some of the females.

The elephant seals in the Central Coast are a tourist attraction and many Japanese and European tourists are here to see these gigantic animals in the wild.

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