Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Video of Sparrow Feeding Baby Bird

I caught a mother sparrow feeding its baby on video. (Click on the middle part of the above picture to view.)

This baby bird has been in my backyard for a couple of days now. It has feathers but still can't fly. Two adult birds have been hovering over it, taking care of it, trying to teach it to fly.

Meantime my two cats watch it and the parents constantly, from their cat tree inside the house (fortunately for the birds).

Here's another video taken shortly after the bird feeding: a cluster of birds smaller than the sparrow on my camellia bush...and the baby bird still on the table.

I hope the baby sparrow learns to fly soon.

Here is a poem inspired by this entry from my Facebook account:

From Angeles de Leon:

Haiku (5-7-5) insipired by your video and Matthew 6:26

See the drab sparrow,
Feeding its young, as I do
Nurture each of you.


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