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Cebu, Philippines: Felicidad Climaco, Filipina Suffragette and Nationalist #womensrights

I blogged about the accomplished Cebuana, Ines Villa Gonzalez. Here is another suffragette from Cebu, Felicidad Climaco.

From the Heritage Cards, "Cebuana Trailblazers Sugboanang Tag-Una",  a 2008 Cebu Provincial Government's project. I quote:

Dona Felicidad Climaco, whom some considered "the Tandang Sora of the Revolution in Cebu," continued supporting the cause of nationalism during the American period.

Born to the prominent Climaco family with sugar estates in Dumanjug, Cebu, she supported the efforts of her relatives Juan and Arsenio during the second phase of the revolution. Like the Velez sisters who helped their revolutionary kin, she sent clothing, food and other supplies to the warriors in the hills.

She was a familiar figure at rallies during the campaign for independence and women's suffrage, and ran for public office at least once. At a big rally on Febraary 1933 held at Washington Park against the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Bill, she faced an audience of 15,000, the only woman speaker beside Emilio Alcuizar, Alberto Mansueto, Solidum Ybanez, Jose Delgado, Cesar Sotto and Vicente Rama. A piano teacher, she played at concerts like th eone on 4, December 1931 held at the Colegio de San Carlos for the Cebu Leprosarium. 

From the Freeman, I quote:

Felicidad is the "Tandang Sora" of the Cebuano Revolt against the Spaniards. She championed for the Independence and Women's Suffrage. During the American Period, on February 10, 1933 she spoke at Washington Park, facing an audience of 15,000, the only woman who spoke in the rally against the Hare-Haws-Cutting Bill. Among the speakers in the rally were the famous orators of the time, like Jose Delgado, Cesar Sotto, Alberto Mansueto and Vicente Rama.

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