Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cebu Philippines: 1914 Historic Photographs re Judge Lyman Carlock

Here are two more antique historic pictures from the great-grandson of Judge Lyman Carlock, the first American judge in Cebu, Philippines.  

The top picture shows the name of the street on the house: Carlock Street. According to a Freeman April 23, 2014 article, "It is the street where the San Nicolas Elementary School is located within the jurisdiction of Barangay San Nicolas. It intersects at Tres de April St."

The lower picture shows the monument dedicated to Judge Lyman Carlock. According to the same article quoted in the above paragraph, "Judge Carlock died of cholera on April 20, 1903. His fellow judges, both Americans and Filipinos raised funds for the construction of his monument. The monument was then placed in front of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza now known as Plaza Hamabar, which years ago also called as Plaza Carlock."

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