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How to Have a Successful Wedding Bollywood Style in Southern California #AndrewlovesSwapna Part 2

First you have the Baraat, which is an Indian ritual wherein the family (or village) of the groom brings him to the family of the bride-to-be. Hire a  good drummer to lead the procession. Make lots of noise, dance, have fun. Check out these videos to see the tailend of the Baraat of this wedding.

When the Baraat arrives at the wedding venue, the Mini or meeting occurs. The Mini symbolizes the merging of the two families. In this wedding, the mother of the bride performed a blessing ritual on the groom.

Western wedding tradition followed after the Baraat and Mini.

The bride's parents walked her down the aisle.

Don't forget the wedding rings, otherwise some people have to come to the rescue.  Check out this video to see what happens when this couple forgot their rings - look for July 2, 2016 FB post.

Wedding guests are very happy when they have drink, food, and dancing. Cocktails with lovely hors d'oeuvres were served before the wedding ceremony. This wedding also had an artist doing henna designs on the back of hands; this was very popular. There was also a photo booth, which helped bring out the wild side of guests.

Our dinner was Indian food and the wedding cake was by Porto's. There were bags of party favors on the dining tables. And dancing, dancing, dancing. The children also had a blast.

You really should just invite people who want to have fun. The Baraat sets the tone for the evening, so if you want a Bollywood wedding, you must start off with a Baraat.

Ah --- don't drink too much or else the children panic.

Take a look at the picture above and see how engaged everyone is. 

The pictures below show some photos created by the photo booth. 

Here are more videos:

Here's Part I of #AndrewLovesSwapna pictures 

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