Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Visiting the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, California

Some friends and I visited the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, California, which is reportedly the largest jewelry district in the United States.

LA's Jewelry District is located downtown, near 7th and Hill. The place is incredible!  There are buildings with countless stores and stalls that sell, design or fix jewelry.  At first glance one would think that the jewelry stores are all located in the first floor where showrooms are visible. In fact, there are numerous shops inside the buildings. The St. Vincent Jewelry Center for instance not only has shops on the first floor, but there are stores in the upper floors, plus stalls/work spaces in the basement and mezzanine.

I first found out about the Jewelry District when the Santa Monica jewelry shop I went to mentioned that they sent repairs there.  I also met sellers at the Gem and Jewelry Show.

You can find bargains at the LA Jewelry District, but prices are flexible and negotiable, so you need to be an educated buyer. Shop around beforehand to know about prices and quality of goods. Some shops are expensive, but generally because of the competition, prices are lower than your regular jewelry shops.

I have bought jewelry there and have never been sorry for my purchases.  I also had pearl necklaces restrung, jewelry fixed, stones replaced, and so on. I've even helped several people buy engagement and wedding rings. (I favor the shops that sell vintage/antique jewelry.)

During my recent visit with friends, we looked for replacement stones for two rings, which we found for a very reasonable price. The vendor, from Cambodia, also regaled us with stories as she worked at matching stones.  Her name is Susan, at C & G Gems, St. Vincent Jewelry Center, 650 S. Hill St. #D-13, E-13.  That's in Plaza 2. Check her out!

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