Saturday, June 3, 2017

Donald Trump in Der Spiegel Covers

A friend in Germany called my attention to the covers of Der Spiegel featuring US President Trump. 

Der Spiegel is a leading German weekly news magazine, published in Hamburg, with a weekly circulation of 840,000. 

The April 2017 cover above -- my favorite -- depicts an image that melds the faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The title means "Double Agent" although some one suggested it's a play on words between "Doppelagent" (double agent) and "regent" ( ruler, sovereign).   

 The "beheading cover" was created by Edel Rodriguez an American of Cuban descent who was angered by President Trump's executive order temporarily banning entry into the US from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees. Here is an article about the "beheading cover." 

The cover above came out in December 11, 2016 showing the head of Trump, burning furiously on its path to destroy the earth. 

The cover above came out after Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The image shows Trump giving the Earth a big whack with his golf club. 

Like many, I am deeply concerned at news both in the US and the Philippines, news that saps my energy. I mention this as a way of explaining why I have not been blogging as often.  I will try to do better.

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