Friday, January 26, 2018

Seminar Workshop at Cebu Normal University with Cecilia Brainard

Here are some pictures taken at the whole-day Workshop held at the Cebu Normal University and conducted by Cecilia Brainard (Jan. 26, 2018). Thanks to Dr. Reynaldo Caturza and other organizers. 

I did a PowerPoint Presentation about my roots as a writer. Afterwards, I talked about the Narrative Voice and also covered the elements of creative writing.  The participants had several writing exercises with sharing.  We had a very productive and joyful day.

The University presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation.  I gave them some of my books for their library.

There are more pictures, but internet is slow, so check back.

Stay tuned for more pictures.  In fact, you can see most of them in Facebook and Instagram.

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