Monday, January 29, 2018

A Zulueta Cat Story by Cecilia Brainard

A Zulueta Cat Story
By Cecilia Brainard

One stormy night several years ago, I heard a kitten meowing and shrieking nonstop. In the morning, Vidal, the chief jefe here in my Zulueta place, said a mother cat and her four kittens had been dumped on the sidewalk by neighbors. The mother cat went off to find a home, and then she proceeded to transport her kittens, except for the one who cried all night.

In the morning, when we inspected the kitten (with heavy rain crashing down on us), we saw that its eyes were still closed. It was a newborn.

We covered the kitten with a box to try to keep it dry, and we waited for its mom to come back for him.

By late afternoon the kitten was still meowing away in great distress. We  decided the mother cat would not return for the kitten and so we took it in. Vidal fed it milk via eyedropper, and we brought it to the vet for shots. Vidal took excellent care of the kitten and Milagro grew plump and handsome.

 So plump and handsome that one day months later someone stole him.  

We were heartbroken, Vidal especially.

Never again, I declared, never will I get emotionally involved with a rescue animal like that.

But yesterday a scrawny little kitten crawled into our garage. He looked half-dead. We had to take care of him. We are taking care of him.

So, here we go again, cleaning the kitten, feeding him, and helping him. His eyes are open and he can walk around. He even has the good sense to poop and pee in the garden soil.

 Since the kitten found us and needs help, we will do so but I hope this little guy does better than the other rescue kitten.

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