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Book Review - Cecilia Brainard's When the Rainbow Goddess Wept by Booklist

Booklist, Sept 1, 1994 v91 n1 p22(1)

by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

Review of the Dutton/Penguin Edition
Cecilia Brainard's novel is available from 

University of Michigan Press
Ann Arbor PaperbacksISBN 0472086375
1999, 216 pages

and from Kindle

When the Rainbow Goddess Wept. (book reviews) Kathleen Hughes.

Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1994 American Library Association

Yvonne Macairag is a nine-year-old living in the Philippines during World War II. She plays contentedly with her cousin, Esperanza, and spends quiet evenings on the veranda with her grandfather. Her family life is idyllic. All of this is lost when the Japanese invade the Philippines. Yvonne flees to the jungle, where her father joins the resistance movement, the guerilleros. Life is hard in the jungle, and Yvonne is often exposed to the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese soldiers. As the child encounters scenes of wartime horror, she remembers and recites the epic stories of her ancestors. She uses the ancient fables to bolster her courage and to help herself cope with the horrors of the war. Overwhelmed by the superior Japanese firepower, the guerilleros hope the American soldiers will arrive and assist in expelling the Japanese. The American soldiers eventually do, but not before the guerilleros realize that ultimately Filipinos are responsible for the destiny of the Philippines. Like the epic legends, this story tells the tale of the essential courage and wisdom of the Filipinos. A beautifully written novel in which the words flow smoothly across the pages, weaving a story that is half lyrical myth and half brutal reality. Enchanting throughout, this novel will mesmerize the reader right up until its victorious ending.

Review Grade: A

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