Thursday, August 2, 2018

Book Review of Cecilia Brainard's Growing Up Filipino by Multicultural Review

From Multicultural Review
Vol. 12, Number 3, September 2003

A wide range of views and insights into growing up Filipino are compiled in this anthology of short stories and memoirs. As one who grew up experiencing politically and socially what it means to be part of an ethnic group that has been known as the forgotten Asian Americans, I identify closely with the experiences conveyed by contributors to this volume. On the one hand, Philippine-born writers such as Mar V. Puatu and Anthony L. Tan reminded me of stories my relatives and friends from the Philippines would tell; on the other hand, American-born writers such as Edgar Poma and Vince Gotera struck a personal chord with my experiences as an American-born Filipino.

The term Flip, the penchant for singing songs in front of relatives and friends, social conflicts among American-born and Philippine-born Filipinos, experiences of being gay, and experiences working in migrant camps are among the more significant cultural, social, and political realities depicted in this collection. Because the writings focus on issues related to childhood and adolescence, with a style that appeals to teen readers, this book is highly recommended for young adults>

Sam Cacas, San Francisco, CA
Copyright 2003 Multiculturual Review

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