Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Cecilia Brainard Publications in Philippine PEN Journal and The Silliman Journal

I just discovered these links to articles that I wrote published in Philippine PEN Journal and The Silliman Journal:

The Island of the Living Dead (Chapter from my novel, The Newspaper Widow) published in Philippine PEN Journal, HEALING, edited by Hermie Beltran, Jr.,  PEN International, 2014. page 15, Click on the link below

l-r:  Shivaji Das Sinagporean Writer, Hendri Go, Cecilia, Ian Casocot

Cebu as Inspiration to My Writings (based on a talk given at the Cebu Literary Festival), The Silliman Journal, Silliman University 2014, page 172. Thanks to Hendri Go and Ian Casocot who submitted my work to The Silliman Journal.


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