Saturday, May 9, 2020

Assisted Living for Retirees in Plantation Bay

I heard from my cousin, Manny Gonzalez, that Plantation Bay in Mactan, Philippines, is expanding their services to include assisted living for retirees. This new service responds to world changes because of Coronavirus. People looking to evade the next round of lockdowns can consider sheltering in this fabulous five-star resort. Lockdowns are inevitable since a second wave of Covid 19 is expected in the Fall.

Imagine, calling Plantation Bay Resort your home!

Instead of being cooped up in a small city place, one could shelter in a more stress-free place. The resort is beautifully laid out next to the sea, and with extensive lagoons, mature shade trees, sandy beaches. It has restaurants, shops. It’s near the Mactan-Cebu International airport and hospitals. It offers in-house dental service. There are so many other services and information in the following link.

It’s a great idea! Check it out:

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