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Cecilia Brainard #Covid Articles in Positively Filipino

Cecilia Brainard

Please read my articles in Positively Filipino:

Coronavirus: The Beginning 

"When I visited Manila last January 20 the air was thick with smoggy haze from the ash fall of Taal Volcano. Taal had erupted on January 12-13 and destroyed people’s homes and farms and killed livestock. People in Luzon were busy helping the displaced people and cleaning up the ash fall.

Still reeling from this disaster, people discovered the news shifting to the deadly virus in Wuhan, China. The symptoms of coronavirus sounded like a very bad flu: fever, cough, muscle pain, pneumonia; but unlike the flu, coronavirus could not be checked with a vaccine, and it was deadly. Defying Chinese authorities, some doctors from Wuhan posted online horrific reports about coronavirus.  The novel virus was highly contagious; it was spreading like wildfire; it was killing huge numbers of people..."  please continue reading in Positively Filipino. 


How Filipinos Are Coping With Covid-19, Part One: Canada, Singapore, UK, Italy

"Filipinos all over the world have been grappling with the coronavirus pandemic’s disastrous effects ever since it broke out in February: travel bans; deaths on cruise ships; lockdowns or shelter-at-home or self-isolation. Filipino medical care workers have been thrust into the limelight, trying to save people from dying from Covid-19. Coronavirus recalls the monumental pandemics of the 1918 Spanish flu and the Black Death of the 14th century.

How have Filipinos all over the globe coped with the disruptions caused by coronavirus?

Despite varied government lockdown rules, most of those I interviewed have stayed at home and limited their contact with others. They wear face masks, practice social distancing, and sanitize their hands, surfaces, groceries, mail and packages -- careful about not infecting themselves and others,

Part One of this series features Filipinos from Canada, Singapore, UK and Italy..." please continue reading in Positively Filipino.

How Filipinos Are Coping With Covid-19, Part Two: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France

"The Filipinos I interviewed for this article shared some of the precautions they take to survive the coronavirus pandemic. All wear face masks (some wear gloves while shopping), practice social distancing, wash their hands, and sanitize mail and packages. Some wash fruit, vegetables and sanitize cans and food boxes. Many remove their shoes at the doorway. All limit their contact with other people; and in some cases do not have close contact with their children nor grandchildren. In many households, one person is designated as the buyer of groceries and necessities; the rest stay home. Many cook their food; those who order takeout do so via contactless delivery. Some order online items and food...." please continue reading in Positively Filipino.


Please read also her interviews of Filipinos about how they are #CopingwithCovid.

Lia Feraren, Germany
Teresa Concepcion, Canada
 Ofelia Gelvezon Tequi, France
Reine Marie Bonnie Melvin, France
 New Zealand: Jay Montilla & Monika Tawngdee
Linda Ty-Casper
Barbara Ann Jacala, San Diego, CA, USA
Brian Ascalon Roley, Ohio, USA 
Interviews of FilipinoAmercans #CopingWithCovid


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