Monday, June 29, 2020

Old Photographs Tony Cuenco of Cebu, Philippines

Cuenco Famiy: I am sharing what I believe are early pictures of my cousin TONY CUENCO who recently passed away. The picture of three, shows my grandmother Filomena Alesna Cuenco with Tony (the older boy) and another grandson.

The group picture features my grandfather and grandmother, Senator Mariano Cuenco and his wife Filomena with their family. Standing l‑r: Carmen Cuenco, Milagros Veloso Cuenco carrying Baby Tony, behind them is possibly my mother Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra carrying Baby Victoria, Consuelo Cuenco, back is Manuel Cuenco, Archbishop Jose Ma. Cuenco, Miguel Cuenco, Lourdes Cuenco.

My oldest sister Victoria was a bit older than Tony. They were the first grandchildren of Mariano and Filomena and reportedly were “spoiled.” They are both gone now. Victoria passed away two years ago from heart complications, and recently Tony succumbed to Covid. May they rest in peace.

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