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Interview of Cecilia Brainard by 95.9 Star FM Bacolod


INTERVIEW OF CECILIA MANGUERRA BRAINARD by DJ Billie of 95.0 Star FM Bacolod about Life in the US during Coronavirus Here's the interview:
Interview by Ve Ann Joy D. Lumangyao,.LPT (DJ Billie)
Disc Jockey
95.9 Star FM Bacolod
707-2836 I 441-1670; 09957924803

1. Greetings:  I am Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, writer -- please see my site for bio:

2.Kamusta ang buhay niyo dyan sa America?
As of August 21, 2020, here in California, we no longer have a lockdown and the economy is opening up. California is not doing well; as of today there are 227,346 confirmed Covid19 cases in Los Angeles, with 5,446 deaths. In my city, Santa Monica, it is mandatory to wear masks once you are outside your house. Only outdoor restaurant dining is allowed and so you see parking lots of restaurants converted for outdoor eating.
I stay at home as much as possible and go out only if necessary to the post office, market, etc.  I have postponed non-essential activities such as dental checkups and vet visits for my cats. We limit the people we see and when we are with them, we wear masks and practice social distancing.  When we do see them, we sit outside and we keep 6 feet between us. We are very very careful because some people are asymptomatic and not even know it. For a while my son was buying our groceries but now I go to the supermarket with mask, gloves, shield, and sanitizer in hand. I sanitize everything I buy or quarantine them in the garage for a day or two. I spray the soles of my shoes before entering the house. If I had spent a lot of time at the supermarket, I will take a shower and change clothing.  Other people don't do this; I am very very cautious because I have a history of asthma.
3. As we are still facing the struggle we have today, ano ano ba ang pinagkakaabalahan natin?
I feel sad that my husband and I have not seen some of our grandchildren for their and our protection. The ones we do see, we do not hug nor kiss but practice social distancing with them. I am sad every time I check Coronavirus updates and see the increasing number of deaths globally.  I feel as if I'm in a dream sometimes, especially when I consider that Coronavirus may never be eradicated and that life will never be as it was..
4. Kamusta naman ang sitwasyon dyan ngayon?
Because of Trump's mixed messages that are not scientifically based, Americans are confused. For instance wearing a mask has become a political issue, with pro-Trump supporters advocating not wearing masks, when in fact mask-wearing is a simple public-health matter and everyone should wear masks. Dr. Fauci, the world's leading epidemiologist is attacked by Trump and his followers for instance, when his advice is science-based. 

The matter of schools is another issue that is consuming people. Trump and some of his followers want schools to open and not just have online classes. Many teachers, parents and students are wary of opening up schools. My own grandchildren have schools that do online classes. Otherswise, their parents would home school them rather than to send them to school and risk exposure to Covid19.
5. Meron ka bang mga current updates na pwede mong ibahagi saamin?
Please read my Filipinos #CopingWithCovid series - see links below. I interviewed Filipino Americans in New Jersey, Ohio, Boston, San Diego, Tennessee and other places.
6. Dito sa Pinas, taga saan ka naman Ma'am? Before you go there at America, may trabaho din ba kayo dito dati?
I was born and raised Cebu. I attended STC San Marcelino for high school and Maryknoll College for college. I came to the US as a graduate student, but right after graduating from Maryknoll College I worked for around six months at the National Media Production Center in the Documentary section.
7. May balak ka pa bang umuwi sakaling matapos as soon as possible ang Pandemic?
Yes, as soon as there is a vaccine or treatment, I plan to visit the Philippines. I realize that even then, we will have to be careful as this virus is expected to be here for always.
8. May balita din ba kayo sa ating mga kababayan dyan?
 Please read my interviews of Filipino Americans in the links below.

I know the situation is bad in the Philippines as well. My advice is to follow the scientists and to beware of fake news. There are many "remedies" for instance that are not scientifically-proven. Wear a face mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, try not to touch your face  --- these are basics. One should also boost one's immunity by eating properly, exercising, and taking care of one's body. 

To Filipinos who have extended families, be very cautious even with family members. My first cousin, Congressman Tony Cuenco in Cebu died from Covid 19 which he contracted at a small family gathering.
9. Ano ang maibabahagi mo sa ating mga ka Star Nation?
Thank you for your work. Continue to inform people the TRUTH. You are educating people with your work, and this is important.
10. Ano naman ang mensahe mo sa iyong pamilya, mga kaibigan, kakilala na naiwan dito sa Pinas at sa lahat ng mga naapektuhan ng Pandemic?
These are difficult times but it is important to remember that this too will pass. Sometimes we get depressed and sad, which is natural, but try to think and do positive things, like helping others. A bit of kindness, even a smile can lift up the spirit, so be generous with your kindness. Don't spread fake news as these just confuse people. Check your media sources, especially news that seem very titillating.
Thank you so much Ma'am.  God bless and Keep safe!
Thank you DJ Billie for the interview.


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