Tuesday, August 25, 2020

PALH Kindle Release of Veronica Montes Short Story Collection


For your Summer Reading:

PALH (Philippine American Literary House) announces the Kindle release of "Benedicta Takes Wing and Other Stories, a short story collection by Veronica Montes. 

It is also available in paperback and hardcover from Amazon.

Benedicta Takes Wing and Other Stories is the debut collection of short fiction by Filipino American writer Veronica Montes. In these fourteen stories, Montes explores the intricate workings of Filipino families as they struggle to define their place in the world. Two American-born sisters bumble their way through an unforgettable night at a Manila nightclub famed for its staff of midgets. The mother of legendary warrior Gabriela Silang has been lost to history, but here she is given voice to share her story. A lonely, middle-aged woman's life changes when she stumbles on a surrogate son and together they create a makeshift family.

 "Veronica Montes limn the lives of Filipino families," writes author Benito Vergara, "with wit, simmering fury, and an abundance of generosity. With her sharp eye for the telling detail, she depicts the grief and everyday joy handed down as inheritance, the affections and denials the bind Filipino families together.

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