Tuesday, September 1, 2020

RIP Maricel Lopez Hahn Maryknoller - Pictures, Remembrances

 My classmate from Maryknoll College Quezon City, Maricel Lopez Hahn, passed away last August 27, 2020 from leukemia. 

To honor her, I am sharing remembrances and pictures of her.

  • Here is a personal essay that I wrote about that Toronto Reunion, The Class Reunion: Remembering the Salmon Run - click on link below.


  • Marissa Tay also remembers Maricel Lopez Hahn here:  


Maricel is wearing black and white in the photo directly below this one, seated far left. You can find her in the other pictures. We had a joyous time at the Toronto reunion. 

Maricel Lopez Hahn if seated far right, in black and white.




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Pictures: Toronto Reunion of Maryknoll Class of 1968

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