Monday, November 8, 2021

Cecilia Brainard Talk to Literature Teachers, International Conference LEAP ICLE2021


Video of Cecilia Brainard Talk to Literature teachers, International Conference LEAP ICILE2021, Part 1

Cecilia Brainard's Talk "Literature as a Coping Strategy", Delivered at the International Conference on Literature Education, Oct. 28, 2021. The conference aimed to address the pressing concerns of Literature Teacher on teaching literature during this time of Covid. It likewise sought to provide a platform for discussing the significant shifts in literature teaching and redefinitions of the 21st Century literature teachers. The conference connected vital discussion areas important to the theme to draw a clear and critical understanding of the concerns and challenges that literature teachers face toward the new normal. #education #teachers #literature

PART 1  Video link

 PART 2: Video Link

PART 3 - Video Link

Transcript of Cecilia Brainard's Talk "Literature as a Coping Strategy, delivered at the Int'l Conference on Literature Education 2021, LEAP, Inc. -

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