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World War II Hero Cebu - Dr. Col. Emilio Veloso Osmeña


WORD WAR II CEBU HERO, Dr. Emilio Veloso Osmeña

Dr. Emilio Veloso Osmeñwas the son of President Sergio Suico Osmeña and Estefania Rosales Chiong-Veloso. Born in 1906, he was a physician and had the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the USAFFE before the war. When war broke out, he was active in the guerilla movement in Cebu. He was executed by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1942. 

 Dr. Emilio Osmeña was married to Maria Luisa Oriol Renner (Mary Renner, who was of German-American background, and whose family owned the "Elite Bakery" which was established in the 1920s and eventually managed by the couple . Emilio and Mary were parents of Senator John Henry (Sonny) Osmeña, Governor Emilio Mario (Lito) Osmeña, Jr.,and Annie Osmeña (who married Luis Aboitiz). 

During World War II, Emilio Osmeña was beheaded by the Japanese for refusing to cooperate with them. He reportedly was fingered by a Cebuano collaborator for aiding the guerrilleros. He was brought to the Cebu Normal College, headquarters of the Kempetai and scene of many brutal executions by the Japanese. 

A street -- Dr. Emilio Osmeña St-- was named in Cebu Philippines to honor this war hero.

Here is a photo of the hero during happier days. He had been Consort to Manila Carnival Queen of 1930.


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