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World War Two Hero Cebu: Federico A. Reyes


There are many Filipino heroes of World War Two in the Philippines. Among them was Captain Federico Arias Reyes who was married to my mother's sister Consuelo Cuenco.  They lived in Cebu City.

Capt Reyes was born in Meycawayan, Bulacan on July 3, 1913; he died on June 10, 2011. He graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology in 1937 with a Civil Engineering degree. His parents were Pedro Reyes and Florentina Arias. His siblings were: Francisco, Hermogenes, Andrea and Irenea. Federico and Consuelo Reyes had three children: Teresita, Federico, and Florentino.


Capt Reyes was a military pilot who was with the 6th Pursuit Sqdn, which was stationed at Batangas Air Field in Batangas when the Japanese bombed Manila in December 2014. He was a prisoner of war from April 11, 1942 to May 27, 1942. As a prisoner of war, he was assigned to drive an automobile for a Japanese officer. Following the Leyte landings of US troops, which resulted in a Japanese retreat, Captain Reyes escaped and joined the Filipino guerrillas in the hills. He was Adjutant General under the command of Col. Ruperto Kangleon. 

After the War, he continued his service until Feb. 1, 1947.

The following pictures are courtesy of his son, Federico Jr.  


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