Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Old Historic Cebu Photo - Elpidio Quirino, Mariano J. Cuenco, Manuel Cuenco


 I have old family photos given to me by relatives. These are interesting as they include the Sixth president of the Philippines, Elpidio Quirino. My maternal grandfather Mariano Jesus Cuenco was Senate President at the time; and my uncle Manuel Cuenco was Governor or Cebu. 

From my baul: 1950 Photos of President Elpidio Quirino with my grandfather Senate President Mariano J. Cuenco and uncle Governor Manuel Cuenco. Quirino has the 6th president of the Philippines.


Top photo: l-r: 3rd person from left, smiling, Mariano J. Cuenco, Elpidio Quirino, Manuel Cuenco. Bottom photo: l-r: I can only identify the gentlemen in white suits, and they are Mariano J. Cuenco, Elpidio Quirino, and Manuel Cuenco.


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