Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Thoughts on Bush, McCain, Palin, Obama, Biden

I have watched some of our friends support and vote for Bush. Even when it became apparent that Bush had done a lousy job, they continued to find excuses for him. I have not seen them since the recent Bailout crisis, so I don't know if they remain Bush fans, but I suspect that they continue to support the Republicans and will vote for McCain.

This used to boggle my mind because from the start, I could see clearly how terrible Bush was, and it confused me when other people couldn't see what I saw. Right now, I see plain as day what a disaster McCain and Palin will be as president and vice president of the United States. McCain is another Bush; he has the same values, and operates on the same doctrines. He has the same Bush-people helping him (White House Adviser Karl Rove is running the McCain Campaign). I don't understand why Americans are buying McCain's line about being different from Bush. He will continue the Bush administration; the U.S. will continue to borrow money from Japan and China to sustain the 12 billion dollars per month cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economy will plummet even more. A McCain administration will be a disaster.

And Sarah Palin? You know what she makes me think of? - Women like Imelda Marcos, Marie Antoinette, Eva Peron - yes, beautiful, charismatic, but not deep enough. These women were leaders when their countries were in turmoil - perhaps the people allowed them to be in power because they were a diversion - but ultimately they were not good for the people and in fact precipitated the political changes in the Philippines, France, and Argentina.

I hope that enough American voters will see through the politicking and tricks that Republicans have been pulling: there's the surprise nomination of Sarah Palin; there's limiting Palin's contact with the media; there's McCain's sudden abandonment of his campaign to "save" the bailout; there's the media buzz to lower expectations of Palin in the Vice presidential debate; there're plans to take advantage of media attention over the wedding of Palin's daughter and instant-beau - trick after trick to manipulate the media and the minds of the people.

Interestingly it's the dire economic situation that has made people favor Obama in recent polls. Well people need to keep in mind that voting for McCain will be more of Bush. Bush=McCain; McCain=Bush. And should McCain be president and die, the next president will be Palin, and that administration will be even worse than the Bush administration.

It does not take a rocket scientist to spell all of these out. You just have to look, observe, read, and think.
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