Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm compiling a list of the people running the McCain campaign. I am not sure if these people are still in his campaign as McCain has a history of changing his staff often:

Steve Schmidt, senior adviser who worked in George W. Bush's campaign in 2004 (he was known as Bush's attack dog in the 2004 election); Schmidt was also to adviser to Dick Cheney;
Mike McDonald - Assists Schmidt; veteran of Bush-Cheney campaigns;
Mike DuHaime -worked in 2004 Bush campaign;
Karl Rove, McCain adviser who is White House Adviser (Bush's senior strategist)
Mark Salter, senior McCain adviser (chief of staff); McCain's closest aide --"the only person closer to McCain is his wife";
Mark McKinnon, media strategist who was Bush's media strategist;
Ken Mehlman, adviser who had run Bush's 2004 campaign;
Chalres R. Black, Jr., senior political advisor,who was in George J.W. Bush's 1992 election campaign;
Wayne L. Berman, lobbyist & Bush fundraiser;
Mark McKinnon - Bush's media consultant;
Terry Nelson - Bush's political director 2004 campaign;
Gerry L. Parsky - California chairman, Bush's 2000 & 2004 campaigns;
Nicolle Wallace Devenish - Bush/White House communications director;
Ron Weiser - Bush fundraiser
Wayne Berman, McCain's national finance co-chair, who it turns out is a paid lobbyist for two of the oil companies involved in the Sex-for-Oil Scandal;
John Green, Campaign Congressional Liaison, also involved with the Sex-for-Oil Scandal;
Carly Fiorina
Rick Davis - Campaign manager, profited from failed mortgage giant Freddie Mac;
Bill McInturff - chief pollster
Trevir Potter - chief counsel

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