Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate Sarah Palin & Joe Biden

I'll admit that a part of me wondered if Sarah Palin would lapse into her Couric-interview mode, but she held up fine for the vice presidential debate. Despite rigorous Republican attempts to lower her expectations, word was out that she's a tough debater. Joe Biden, it was predicted, would have a more difficult time because he's verbose, knowledgeable, and he had to make sure he didn't come across as condescending.

The two did not screw up, but Biden was more substantive. Palin was charming and "folksy" as newscasters called it; although I'll admit that I found it most annoying when she winked at the camera. Biden was not condescending; he was forceful, extremely knowledgeable, composed, and charming. Palin had a memorized script and she did not answer questions directly but would use her time to regurgitate her script. She spoke in generalities, unlike Biden who was very detailed and specific. Palin threatened Biden about some of the facts he cited, and I imagine there will be a post-debate brouhaha about who said wrong things during the debate. Biden did an excellent job in defining the differences between the Obama camp vs. the McCain camp - and that is that McCain is pro-war and will continue Bush's doctrines; this despite Palin's separating herself and McCain from Bush.

It will boil down to the American people. They are the ones who will vote. It is up to them to wade through all the words --- the rehashing of this vice presidential debate will go on for days --- and people must go past who was more poised or who was more attractive; they need to focus on the substance of what was said, and who will "deliver."

For my part, eight years of Republican rule is more than enough. Even though Palin and McCain say they are different from Bush, they share the same doctrines, the same values, and clearly will have the same Bush-people surrounding them. What's that saying that's been bandied about? - If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. If you put lipstick on a Republican, it's still a Republican.

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