Monday, November 26, 2012

Antique postcards of Cebu's Creeks - Save Cebu's Rivers!

I'm still thinking of the sad condition of Cebu's creeks now. Save Cebu's Rivers!

Here are old postcards with images of Cebu's creeks, courtesy of Dr. Linda Alburo. The notes re the postcards (courtesy of Dr. Linda Alburo) indicate these creeks/esteros/canals already smelled foul, but they didn't have the sea of debris that one can see now.

Top photo #1 - from a postcard dated May 26, 

1911, with the ff. note: "This canal is a beastly, filthy mud gutter, though you 

would never think it from the picture." There's a pencilled note at the back as 

well that the librarian may have written: "prob. estero de Parian in Tinago." On 

the photo itself you can read: "Canal, Cebu, P.I. 
Middle photo #2 - no note at the back, but 

on the right lower corner you can read "Tres de Abril St., Cebu." 
Bottom photo #3 - from a postcard without date or notes, but on the photo itself, upper left of center 

you can read: "Old Spanish Bridge, Cebu, P.I." This may be Zulueta bridge near 


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