Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NOW AVAILABLE - Linda Ty-Casper's A SMALL PARTY IN A GARDEN - Kindle & Nook

Award-winning Filipina author's novel, A SMALL PARTY IN A GARDEN, is now available in Kindle ( and Nook (Barnes and Noble). The novel is set in the Philippines during Martial Law, and is about a privileged woman who is Imelda's right-hand-person, and who learns first-hand the brutality of Martial Law.
 Here's the Kindle link:
BIO of Linda Ty-Casper:
Linda Ty-Casper is a highly-acclaimed Filipino writer. She was born as Belinda Ty in Malabon, Philippines in 1931. Her father worked in the Philippine National Railways; her mother was a school teacher. It was her grandmother who told her stories about the Philippine struggle for independence, a topic she picked up in her novels. She has law degrees from the University of the Philippines and Harvard. However, erroneous and biased statements in books at Widener Library converted her into an advocate, through faithfully researched historical fiction, of Filipino's right to self-definition/determination.
Her numerous books are generally historical fiction. The Peninsulares centers on eighteenth-century Manila; The Three-Cornered Sun written on a Radcliffe Institute grant, deals with the 1896 Revolution; and Ten Thousand Seeds, the start of the Philippine American War. Contemporary events, including martial law years, appear in Dread Empire, Hazards of Distance, Fortress in the Plaza, Awaiting Trespass, Wings of Stone, A Small Party in a Garden, and DreamEden.
Her stories, collected in Transparent Sun, The Secret Runner, and Common Continent, originally appeared in magazines such as Antioch Review, The Asia Magazine, Windsor Review, Hawaii Review, and Triquarterly. One short story was included in The Best American Short Stories of 1987 Honor Roll.
She has held grants from the Djerassi Foundation, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Wheatland Foundation. She and her husband, (literary critic and professor emeritus of Boston College) Leonard Casper, reside in Massachusetts. They have two daughters.

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