Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fan Mail from Mike Muegs

I love to hear from readers. Here's one email from Mike Muegs who read my diary, CECILIA'S DIARY 1962-1969 (Anvil):

Greetings from UP Diliman! Hi there Mrs. Brainard. Well, I don't normally say "thank you" to the authors of publications that I've just read. But your work, I think, is special and it has a profound meaning to me. So, many thanks for sharing an important part of your life. You had afforded me a good glimpse of what might cross the mind of my own daughter (6 years old now) when she becomes a teenager and, later, a college student. She, too, loves to read and write a lot, and I'm praying she'll grow up to be a good thinker and writer, too. Right now she still wants to go to NASA and become an astronaut. You raised many big questions toward the end of Cecilia's: a mark of maturity and indicator of philosophical mind. It was fun reading Cecilia's. Your thoughts about your father are so touching. That's a wonderful way of honoring one's parent. I believe your mother loves you very much, but she had had to teach you to be tough when you and your siblings were still young. As I read your introduction, you reminded me that I have a copy of Anne Frank's diary, which I have yet to read. So, there! Thanks again. Keep inspiring the world!

Michael Arthus Muega

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