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Weight Loss Diet Plan for the Stars

Weight Loss Diet Plan for the Stars

I don't believe in fad diets because once people get off a particular diet plan and resume eating as they normally do, they will gain the weight back. People should change their eating habits. Eating healthy foods for good health should be the goal; increasing exercise should go hand and hand with this endeavor. However, in some cases, people need help to "jump start" their weight loss. Here's a diet plan designed by the late Dr. Pacita Reyes-Navarro, the mother of my friends Josie Navarro and Maria Ciocon. Dr. Navarro's clients included movie stars, models, and other high-profile people. Here's the Menu, thanks to Josie Navarro.

This menu plan is for women. For men, add each day 1 slice of breat, 2 oz lean meat, fish, or poultry and one serving fruit.

1 serving high Vitamin C fruit (1/2 cup orange juice)
Any of the following:
- 1 egg
- 1 oz hard cheese
- 2 oz fish
- 2 oz pot, cottage or farmer's cheese
- 1 slice bread or cereal (1/2 cooked or 1 cup dry with 1/2 cup skim milk)

Any one of the following:
- 4 oz fish (canned or fresh), lean meat or poultry
- 6 oz cottage, pot or farmer's cheese
- 2 oz hard cheese (limit hard cheese to no more than 4 oz per week)
- 2 eggs
All you want of the vegetable list,
- 1 slice bread
- 1 fruit
- Beverage - tea or coffee

4 oz meat or 6 oz fish or poultry
1 bread or substitute, preferably a small potato
1 portion vegetable as listed
1 fruit
Beverage - tea or coffee

2 cups skim milk or fat free butter milk
1 cup evaporated skim milk

Be sure and read the scanned pages. Click to make it large.

Happy dieting! Remember, to lose weight, you just have to eat less than you usually do. Watch those sugary drinks (sodas and juices) and also alcoholic drinks because they're loaded with calories.

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