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What Kind of Tree Would you Be?

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

This question is used in job interviews because the person answering can reveal himself/herself in the choice he/she makes. Choosing to be an oak tree for instance can suggest that the person is (or believes he is) strong and reliable. Choosing an evergreen can suggest steadfastness, palm trees, flexibility.

One night, a while ago, we sat around answering this question. Someone said he was an oak, another said he was a fir tree. My husband said he's a red wood tree.

I wasn't sure what kind of tree I would be if I were one, and my husband said, "Cecilia is a floss silk tree."

I was taken aback.

The silk floss tree is a huge tree that looks spectacular when it's flowering because the tree is ablaze with beautiful pink flowers. The tree looks strong and steadfast, which are good qualities. On the other hand, the trunk of the tree is filled with thorns, suggesting a touch-me-not quality, which didn't sound like a positive quality.

I went back and forth considering the positive and negative qualities of this tree, realizing these traits were supposed to reflect "me."  In the end I decided that if I were a tree, it would be all right to be a silk floss tree.

Lest you be horrified by the numerous and terrifying thorns on its trunk, here is an excerpt from the Redlands Daily lauding the floss silk tree whose scientific name is Ceiba speciosa:

"Considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world, the Chorisia speciosa, or silk floss tree, is a member of the Bombacaceae family and is native to Argentina and Brazil.
"When in full bloom, this spectacular tree is hard to miss. Clouds of large, flimsy lily-like pink flowers cascade from the green branches. In Brazil, the petals are used as threads in upholstery. The upper trunk, branches and palmately compound leaves are green, but the most distinctive feature is the wicked-looking array of stout spines that crowd around the trunk These also store water for dry times and near the base they can protrude by an inch or more..."

The floss silk tree is flowering right now in California and every time I see one, I remember the time we played this little game.

Here are other trees that some members of my family chose for their alter egos:

Lauren (third from right) says he's a redwood tree.

Andrew (right) says he's a banyan.

Swapna (second from right) says she's a gulmohar or flame tree.

My question to you today, dear Readers, is: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? If you want to share your answer, email me, or comment in this blog. The blog comments need my approval so don't be surprise if they don't automatically appear.

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