Saturday, July 25, 2015

Maui Hawaii: A Visit to Honulua Bay and Lahaina

We drove to Honulua Bay, a famous surfing place, where one can catch the perfect wave in the winter. We also visited the historic town of Lahaina, which used to be a whaling port.  In Lahaina, I was thrilled to visit the Maria Lanakila Catholic Church,, which had been featured in one of the books I edited,  Magnificat: Mama Mary's Pilgrim Sites.

One of the contributors to the anthology, Millicent Dypiangco, wrote an article, "At Maria Lanakila, Our Prayers were Heard and Answered," about yearning for a child and how her prayers to Our Lady of Maria Lanakila in Lahaina, Maui were answered with the birth of her daughter, Miranda.

I felt privileged to have visited this Marian site. It's bright and airy inside. A mosaic of Saint Damien of  the leper colony Molokai graces a back wall.

I'm sharing pictures taken at the bay, which has the most remarkable setting.  One parks along the roadside, walks through a forest, and pops out into the wondrous bay.

When in Maui, one should visit the different beaches and hiking trails to fully appreciate what this island offers.

Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

Saint Damien of Molokai

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