Sunday, February 7, 2016

Manila, Philippines: More Pictures of Cecilia Brainard with Friends in Makati

Here are some pictures with friends in Manila. The picture above shows some of my friends from St. Theresa's College, San Marcelino, show up for a spontaneous dinner in Makati, from l-r: Darn, Eyelet, Girlie, Mila, Rosalinda, and me.

The picture below shows the writer Melissa Ramos and me in Makati. Melissa and I belong to an writing group that includes Susan Evangelista and Nadine Sarreal, the two of whom could not make it. The four of us do fun things like on-line workshopping and taking off to beautiful remote places for a writers retreat.  Another retreat is being planned for 2016. Stay tuned.

The last picture shows banker Guia Lim and me posing in front of the victory gown worn by Miss Universe/Miss Philippines. Guia and I celebrated Chinese New Year of the Monkey at Peking Restaurant, followed by shopping, and topped by coffee and pastries at Bizu, all in Makati.

Monday morning here in Makati and it remains rainy. Internet remains slow so if I don't have new blog entries, please check my Facebook account:

I have that Talk/Dialogue at UST tomorrow, please read:

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