Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Guest Blogger: Poems by Manuel Joseph Ponce #Philippines #Literature

I am happy to feature poems by my Guest Blogger, Manuel Joseph Ponce. ~ Cecilia Brainard


By: Manuel Joseph Ponce

Paint the sky as we rise from a dream.
The fog perches over the mountaintop
And makes the light breathe through its wings

Winds will come and weave lines
That can calm the most invasive minds
Feathers will motion the breaking of colors
Into blankets of a million eyes

Paint the sky as it remembers its dream
Of granting life with whispers
Dipped in the first tears of spring

I'll keep my gaze rested on the land.
Crafted from thoughts weathered by time
In them are covenants parted by veils
And pigments that no longer rhyme


By: Manuel Joseph Ponce

There's something about the night we lost
Our way when we turned to look at the moon.
I felt nothing when you left me behind.
I still recall how we waited for this to end.

Is there peace when we find love aboard a stranger?
Will it bring you to your knees if I say that I am off
Somewhere with someone who knows the way
Even if I have yet to know if he has a name

I took a long walk down the old street.
Our treehouses no longer stand
And new wars are being fought on their ashes
I found our old selves still waiting on us.

You then turned and looked at me with empty eyes.
I couldn't explain what I felt within the vines.
When the flashbacks came to a sudden halt
Time reminded me it's night.

Tears fell to the thirst of creative trance.
Emotions stayed motionless on the ground.
As years pass by to soothe all the hurt
Will we ever say that we never meant for this to end.

I fear it's the end.
It is the end.

Bio: Manuel Joseph “Jake” Ponce is a short story writer and poet. His works are currently only available online, so he's looking forward to getting his work published, and share it with the rest of the world. When he’s not writing, you’ll most likely catch him listening to music while enjoying a cup of coffee, snapping photographs of landscapes and playing video games. He also loves dogs. Jake draws inspiration from a wide variety of subjects, people, emotions and all his hobbies, making reality and fantasy pulsate in his work. You can visit him at

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