Friday, March 3, 2017

The Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico #Travel

 I've been remembering our trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. My mother-in-law, who passed away recently, was very happy there.

My sister-in-law, Kim, arranged the family trip to Cabo San Lucas, in 1988, before Cabo was very popular.  The ten of us were booked at the Hacienda Hotel and when the guys who picked us up at the airport said we had to stay someplace else that night, we all made a face. We didn't believe their story that the Hacienda had plumbing problems. We were certain we would be placed in an inferior hotel.  We maintained our bad attitude as we traveled from the airport to an arid area with scrub grass. A desert -- we were going to be placed in the middle of a desert when we had wanted to be near the sea.

The vans stopped next to a thick hedge and some of our men got off to check our accommodations.  Those who remained kept up the grumbling. Soon, however, the men returned looking very happy. "Come on down," they called.

We did and discovered we would be housed in two condominiums. Later, we would learn that the larger condominium was where the President of Mexico stayed when he was in Cabo.  It had a sunken bathtub, bombastic furniture, and faced a pristine bay. The two places were wonderful, and we were assigned our own van and driver to boot.

We swam, sunbathed, played cards, and visited the town where we ate and went dancing. We were silly, and we had fun, and we were happy.

 When we were told that the plumbing problem at the Hacienda Hotel was fixed and we could transfer the next day, we balked and said we were fine where we were. We had to move of course, and the Hacienda was all right. But the presidential condominium and adjoining place were truly special.

 This visit to Cabo San Lucas was many years ago, but the memories of the joy we had in that place remains.

I'm sharing some pictures of that trip and hope you also enjoy them.

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