Thursday, September 19, 2013

More New Pictures of Manaus and Salvador, BRAZIL

That's Cecilia enjoying the Hotel Villa Bahia,

Dear Readers,
Here are more pictures from Brazil. These pictures were taken in Manaus and Salvador, Brazil.  They were not in my earlier blog entries about these places.

I'll post more pictures "from the cutting floor" later on.

This is all for now,
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Windswept Lauren and Cecilia at the Meeting of the Rivers; Cecilia on the hammock, market place in Manaus with fishing boats, manioc stuff, piranha fish, and a Lego model of the Teatro Amazona.

Lauren and Cecilia at the Meeting of the Waters, Manaus, Brazil

Market Place, Manaus

Manioc stuff, Manaus

Lego Model of Teatro Amazonas

Piranha, Manaus

Cecilia in the Pelourinho District, Salvador, Brazil, followed by Lauren with a painting that reminds him of Cecilia when she was young. There's the Baian Woman, the Slave Church, statue of the Brazilian slave Anastacia, and Cecilia and Jorge Amado

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