Friday, September 20, 2013

In Solidarity with the Syrian People - Two Revolutionary Poems

IN SOLIDARITY with the Syrian people, and to remind us all that the War in Syria is far from over, I'm reprinting two Syrian Revolutionary Poems. If the translation can be improved, let me know.

from the Syrian Revolution 2011 site

Poem #1:

In Homs, since the beginning of the revolution,
We have learned to distinguish the sounds of missiles and bombs,
But we have not forgotten the songs of birds nor the bustle of school children;
In Homs, we have learned the odor of gunpowder and toxic gases,
But we have not forgotten the scent of jasmine and the smell of rain on the ancient streets;
In Homs, we have learned to shut windows so as not to see death by the side of the road,
But we have not forgotten the birds in the sky and white snow in January;
In Homs we have learned the taste and feel of torment and sadness,
But we have not forgotten the taste of apricots, eggplant, and licorice on Ramadan;
In Homs we have learned to look at the wounds of children and feel their warm blood,
But we have not forgotten how to peer into the hearts of ordinary people;
In Homs, our five senses have taught us what freedom is.
We miss you Homs
We miss the call to prayer from the Khalid bin Walid Mosque
And the sounds of the bells of the Church.

We will return, beloved Homs!


Poem #2 

They wanted freedom
And bullets and blood became their bread;
They wanted freedom
And their children fell
like leaves knocked down by the wind;
They wanted freedom
And they starved and died;
They wanted freedom and got their share of the dark;
They wanted freedom, life,
 and jasmine flowers;
They wanted a better future for their children
But an evil man wanted to destroy their bodies and the truth.


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