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Old Photographs and Memories - Memorabilia photos of Cecilia Brainard

My childhood's home I see again;
And sadden with the view;
And still as memory crowds my brain;
There's pleasure in it too.  ~ Abraham Lincoln
(My old photo album/scrapbook has this quote and attributes it to Abe, but I'm not sure)

My old pictures are fading fast. They've traveled far, the last shreds of memories from a distant time and place. Most weren't great photographs to start with, small-sized black-and-whites that will soon disappear.  I've scanned a few to save a bit of that past. 

Let's see if I have the energy to scan more in the future --- or maybe I'll just surrender the images to the universe.

In the top picture, I was 19  in a Hawaiian fashion show.

The next photo is my only baby picture, and I was probably six months old when this was taken in Talisay, Cebu. I'm with my two sisters and brother;

The next picture shows my sister, brother and me (when I was around seven years old);

The group picture was taken at a costume party in Cebu. This was the Vietnam War Era and the three Americans were stationed in Mactan Airforce. I'm the one kneeling, second from the left. Sometimes I wonder what happened to those young men, if they survived the war;

There's a page from my album/scrapbook with Tau Alpha Frat (UP) memorabilia. I was a freshman at the University of the Philippines. I'm third from the right on the step, and second the left patting my hair;

The last photo was taken at a Flamenco performance in Spain. My mother, sister, and I toured Spain, seeing places like the Granada, Sevilla, Toledo, and other places. I still remember my mother and I standing on a hill and looking across to the Alhambra at sunset - what an incredible experience!

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