Sunday, September 29, 2013

Running into the Author Noel Alumit at the Frogtown Art Walk in Elysian Valley, Los Angeles

So my family and I are walking around Elysian Valley looking at art studios and listening to the bands when suddenly I see a good-looking Asian guy holding a camera. I'm holding a camera too and my mind is thinking just that, "That cute Asian guy also has a camera." He'd given me a passing look as well, when suddenly, almost at the same time we stop -- because we know each other!

He and I are thinking: It's ----- ah --- the writer --- but what in God's name is his/her name!

Regardless, we gravitate back to each other, hug and kiss each other, and meantime our minds are whipping about trying to remember the name -- the name of this well-known Filipino writer.  He introduces me to his guy-friends: This is a famous international writer...."  (Ha, ha, Noel, you didn't mention my name! You're younger than me!)  And I look at them and say: we are both writers (no name, because I can't remember Noel's name, for God's sake!!!!)

I turn to my husband: "Can you take our picture?"

And Noel and I ham it up, and  Lauren asks, "Is this a rival?"

Noel goes, "God, no!"

OK, Noel, it took me a while to remember your name. How long did it take you to go: Oh, Cecilia Brainard!

Anyway, dear readers, it was fun to run into the Filipino American writer, Noel Alumit, author of  the novels, Letters to Montgomery Cliff and Talking to the Moon.

About the Frogtown Artwalk in Elysian Valley, Los Angeles --- this is the second time we've gone and I'll probably go again next year.

Elysian Valley, known informally as Frogtown is  beside the Los Angeles River and it's a really funky place with a number of artist-residents.  Eight years ago, they started an artwalk.  Bill Lagatutta, former television journalist and artist, is very active in promoting this artwalk.  The studios and some homes have an open house; they show their art, their work spaces, and some serve wine and hors d'oeuvres. There are bands playing, and food stalls and little souvenir tables.

It's very fun. The Frogtown Artwalk happens near the end of September every year, so watch for it next year.

Elysian Valley- the Frogtown
Frogtown Art Walk

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