Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bayanihan: Cebuanos Helping Philippine Victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan

BAYAHINAN is a Filipino word that refers to the spirit of community or team work. Right now, the Bayanihan spirit is alive and well, as those who survived super typhoon Haiyan help the victims of Northern Cebu, which was badly hit by Haiyan, with 95% left homeless.

Cebuanos have been bringing food, water, and medicine to the people in the North who suffered most, including Bogo, Odlot, Bantayan, Tabagon, etc.

There are many coastal villages that have suffered or are still unaccounted for because they are not accessible. 

These pictures are courtesy of Louie Nacorda and Mark Anthony Gaviola.
The fellow wearing the green shirt is Father Romeo Desuyo, parish priest of Odlot, where people are bad off.



The cell phone has been very useful.  Early on, Father Romeo Desuyo from Odlot, Northern Cebu, was able to text:
 "Church no more roof and ceiling. 95% of parishioners homeless. We need help. Food and water."

 A friend's brother-in-law who was missing for days in Tacloban was finally able to text his family to inform them that he survived.

Here too, is a recent text message from Fr. Edwin Bacaltos, CSSR from the Redemptorist Church in badly hit Tacloban City:
"I am safe. There are 325 (persons) in church and convent food is almost gone. We need help. Just course it through Redemptorist Church Cebu. Thanks. Pray for us.

Baho na kaayo mga patay atbang sa church. Wala pa hiposa. (The uncollected dead across the church are smelling badly; their bodies have not been picked up.)

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