Thursday, November 21, 2013

Los Angeles, California: Storytelling at the Historic West Adams area

The City of Los Angeles is large and sprawling, with different districts and neighborhoods: downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, the Westside, and so on. Since I live near the Westside, I haven't explored all the districts.

Yesterday I did a storytelling to First Graders at St. Vincent's School in the Historic West Adams area, downtown Los Angeles, and I had the chance to visit St. Vincent's Church and peek at the imposing Stimson House.

The Historic West Adams is located near the University of Southern California. It's one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and has numerous  handsome Victorian buildings and churches. In fact, Wikipedia states that West Adams is "home of the largest collection of historic homes west of the Mississippi River."

The Historic West Adams was ritzy in the past, but the neighborhood declined. However, it's picking up once more.

The First Graders were wonderful. At some point I talked to them about the super typhoon that hit the Philippines. They didn't know what a typhoon was, and I explained there was a lot of rain and wind and that the water rose. They asked what water; and I told them the ocean/sea rose. A bright kid said, "Like a tsunami."  Another one said, "A tidal wave."

The point I was making was that even though it was sad that people got hurt, the world responded and helped the Philippines.

Here are some pictures of the first graders, St. Vincent's Church, and the Stimson House.

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