Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: Thanks to the International Community for helping Philippine Victims

From CBSNews

  • Canada: $5 million; a promise to match donations from Canadians; 35 to 50 members of the Disaster Assistance Response Team 
  • UN: $25 million US  from the UN's emergency relief fund.
  • U.S.: $20 million in immediate aid; USS George Washington on its way; Officials from U.S. Agency for International Develoopment deployed.

  • U.K.: $16 million; Royal Navy warship on its way; Royal Air Force military transport aircraft to be deployed.
  • Australia: $9.4 million
  • UN World Food Program: $2 million; tonnes of high-energy biscuits; help with logistics and emergency communications.
  • UNICEF: Staff repositioned in Philippines; emergency supplies including water purification systems and storage equipment.
  • Japan: $10 million; 25-member relief team.
  • Taiwan: $200,000
  • Israel: Field hospital near disaster area
  • World Vision: Resources to assist 1.2 million, including food, hygiene kits and shelter.
  • International Rescue Committee: $10 million appeal.
  • Doctors Without Borders: Sending additional 50 people; medical and relief supplies on three cargo planes. 
From BBC

International aid

  • Australia: Aus$10m ($9.4m; £5.8m), including medical personnel
  • China: $200,000 (£125,000)
  • European Commission: 3m euros (£2.5m; $4m)
  • Indonesia: Aircraft, personnel, drinking water, food, generators, medicine
  • Japan: 25 emergency medical personnel
  • New Zealand: NZ$2.15m (£1.1m)
  • Taiwan: $200,000
  • UK: £10m ($15m) non-food aid package
  • UN: central emergency relief fund: $25m
  • US: At least 180 marines and sailors, transporter planes, emergency food, water, shelter and hygiene materials
  • Vietnam: $100,000

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