Monday, June 2, 2014

Almost Summer in Santa Monica, California

It's not yet summer, but it's been warm in Santa Monica, and people are now in a summer mode. Last weekend, in the evening, Santa Monica pier was packed with visitors. There were people in their bathing suits, even though it was almost eight in the evening. The street scene was unlike any I'd seen. There were macaws, snakes, clowns, tourists as well as locals -- incredible.

The pictures include one of Lauren and me and Mike and Linda after dinner at Chez Jay (currently in my Favorite Restaurant list), and the street scenes. There's also a shot of the famous Santa Monica Pier sign at sunset, and a couple of pictures of another favorite restaurant of mine, The Lobster, which has excellent food and ocean view. You can also see how quickly the sun set in a matter of minutes (sunset was at 8 p.m.).

This is my favorite time of year, when the days are longer.

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