Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hot Chocolate Drinks: Chocolate-Eh, Chocolate-Mexicano, Chocolate-Filipino

The above picture shows Doug Noble and Lauren Brainard at the Cafe San Agustin in San Miguel Allende, famous for their Chocolate drinks. Every time I visit San Miguel Allende, I have hot chocolate there. I've tried their Spanish, French, as well as Mexican chocolate hot drinks.

Like many Filipinos, I'm a chocolate drinker. 

When I was small, my mother used to buy chocolate tableya (tablets) and make chocolate drinks. For years, she used to send me tableya to the U.S., sometimes with great trouble. I told her not to bother when I discovered Mexican chocolate in California supermarkets -- Ibarra, Abuelita, in the Mexican section usually, in bright yellow packaging. 

I take one Mexican tableya, add 1 can of evaporated milk to it and whisk together over low heat. This is good for 3 cups, more or less.

A better recipe is the following: 1/2 Mexican chocolate and 1/2 local Philippine chocolate (the chocolate from Batangas is great). Philippine chocolate is pure, with a bit of bitterness, and when you mix this with the milder Mexican chocolate, you get something very tasty, something with "more personality."

This half-Filipino, half-Mexican chocolate drink is best served with local Filipino delicacies as puto, bibingka, suman, etc. Truly, it's a feast for a king, or queen.

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