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Syria, Iraq: The Middle East Explained

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This is circulating in the internet among my American friends.

I want to state that I'm getting cranky reading Arabic blogs that blame the US for the problems in the Middle East. The destructive forces that have risen in the Middle East did not originate in America. The out-of-this-world killing, destruction, disregard for human rights, lack of unity, duplicity sprung from that dessert.

Newton's Law has been proven true: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" -- ISIS is that reaction.

The following is not meant to offend anyone, but illustrates just how confused people are at the complexity of the Middle East situation.

I continue to pray for peace in the Middle East.

The Middle East Explained
Let me Explain

We support the Iraqi government in the fight against ISIS.

We don’t like ISIS, but ISIS is supported by Saudi Arabia who we do like.

We don’t like Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but ISIS is also fighting against him.

We don’t like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIS.

So some of our friends support our enemies, some enemies are now our friends,
and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, who we want to lose,
but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they could be replaced by people we like even less.

And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists and find weapons
of mass destruction that were not actually there.

Caption: Pay Attention because I'm only going to do this once, OK?

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