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2015 New Year's Resolutions of Some Friends (and me!) -#NewYearResolutions

Here are New Year's Resolutions of some friends:
(The group pictures below show friends singing Auld Lang Syne to welcome 2015.)

Mike Ross: (left in picture above) I resolve to be less judgemental.

Linda Ross: (beside Mike in blue, in picture above) Be mindful of gifts.

Christina Ross Lin: (third from left in picture above) When I get there, you'll know.

Allen Lin: (right in picture below) Lose 30 lbs; exercise four times a week.

Elizabeth Allen: (left in picture above) My resolution is to practice gratitude and enjoy the absurb.

John Allen: (beside Elizabeth in picture above) To try and remember all my past resolutions. Love more; love better.

 Eve La Salle Caram: Several of them, but all of them inter-related: To get more of my work out to publishers, to do more work on my new novella, and to try very hard to get back to Italy in September or October. More important than any of these however: to make it a year of gratitude for all the love and joy in my life!

Melanie Alix Smoron: Drop that baby weight that's 11 years old. Seriously, eating and buying better foods non-processed, non-manufactured.

Celine Gonzalez Conejos: To lose 20 lbs and keep it off. An ambitious goal for someone with a good appetite.

Ada Javellana Loredo: Drink 10 glasses of water every day. Sing at least one whole song at the top of my lungs every day. Dance to at least one piece of music every day. Have at least one big laugh a day. Have a conversation (i.e. listen to) a little child at least once a week. Only the last item is new. The rest are the same ones each year.

Linda Ty Casper: I will try to begin each day with a grateful heart.

Louie Nacorda: Believe it or not, I never make one! I don't know why but I just didn't develop the habit of making a New Year's resolution. But there could always be a first time, right? So, okay, my first ever New Year's resolution (seriously?):

1. To lose 30lbs by midyear;
2. To love more and hate less;
3. To enjoy life more, and worry less;
4. To read more and more!
5. To write a book?

Lynley Ocampo: I don't really make resolutions. But if I did, it would be to start loving myself. I have not really done that at all. (picture shows l-r: Fr. Desuyo, Lynley Ocampo with child Lautrec)

Thelma E. Arambulo:  At this time in my life, mine is simple -- carpe diem!

Cecilia Brainard:  I am happy to report that I checked my resolutions last year, and I did live up to eating healthier and exercising more. I can do more of that. I want to start my next novel. I hope to continue traveling. I will learn a new language.

Lauren Brainard: (left in above picture) It will be an AWESOME year!

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Happy New Year!

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