Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunset Pictures of Historic Sites in Cebu, Philippines

Here are a few pictures of Cebu Historic sites taken at sunsest.

The photo above was taken in the Plaza Independencia. It focuses on a gazebo in the middle of the park. The Plaza Independencia is a sprawling park in front of Fort San Pedro. The site had been used, not only by the Spaniards and Americans, but by pre-colonial people. Quite a lot of artifacts have been found in the site, some of which can be seen at the Museo Sugbo.

 This is a picture of the entrance to Fort San Pedro, the old Spanish fort in Plaza Independencia,
The Fort is triangular in shape and in olden days was closer to the sea than it now is. It is the oldest fort in the country.

During the American regime in the Philippines (early 1900s), it was part of the American Warwick barracks.

This is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, which had its beginning in 1595 during the Spanish regime. Its history is rich and I invite you the visit the link I included in this section. I should note that the interior of the Cathedral is more modern-looking than the nearby Basilica Santo Nino (no picture included here - mea culpa), although the Basilica is undergoing work due to a recent earthquake damage. The Basilica is open for visitors and worshippers.

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