Saturday, January 17, 2015

Need Help Translating French Sign Into English

There is a small mystery that we would like solved.

Two years ago, when we were with friends in Beaune, France, Max, one of our companions bought this placard/sign and gave it to us. He thought it was very funny but refused to translate it into English.

We have used Google Translation and the literal translation of the words are:

Notice to drinkers
Being that flock con
Let it be said

We can't make this out at all.
It seems to be a notice to drinkers, giving them advice about how to become better drinkers, but we are not sure at all.

It's some kind of joke but we don't know what it means.

Can someone let me know what it says?

Email me at

Thank you.
Addendum: Bonnie Melvin wrote: This means something like: Notice for drinkers: Better to be drunk than stupid. It doesn't last as long. Let it be said.

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