Thursday, January 8, 2015

Some Thoughts After the Terrorist Attack in Paris - #CharlieHebdo, #JeSuisCharlie

One day after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, here are some thoughts:

1. Free Thought:  I can't get over how much oppressors fear Free Thought. In the Paris attack, Islamist terrorist targeted satirical cartoonists. Not too long ago, North Korea's Kim Jong Un had a fit over the comic film, The Interview. In a similar vein, ISIL issued a new curriculum in Mosul, banning such subjects as natural history, literature, art, and evolution. In Syria and Iraq, Assad and Islamic Extremists have been killing journalists and other media people.

More on the silencing of Free Speech, from USA Today:
"In 1989, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa .. calling for the death of author Salman Rushdie over his allegedly blasphemous portrayal of Islam's prophet Mohammed. Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in 2004 for his film, Submission, about the treatment of women in Islam. And Danish caroonist Kurt Westergaard escaped an assassination attempt in 2010 for his 2005 caroon portrayal of the prophet, which caused riots and protests across the Muslim world."

At the same, time, these same parties that fear Free Thought, create their own propaganda machines. ISIL for instance has had elaborate media coverage of their decapitations; and they've put in a lot of effort to use social media. And there is the unfortunate case of the British hostage, John Cantlie, who has been used for ISIL propaganda.

What I'm getting at, is there is a great deal of energy to control what goes into people's minds.

2. Religion: Even though I do come across some Muslim condemnation of the outrageous actions committed by Islamist Extremists, I am appalled at how relatively quiet Muslims have been. I would think that the Muslim Communities can educate their own people/children, and that they can in a sense police themselves. Within the Muslim Communities, they must know who the Extremists here. They could most certainly be more vocal about their protests when something like the Paris attack happens -- Where are the Muslim religious and political leaders? And if they are speaking out, where are the media reports about these protests? Such coverage is just as important as informing people of shocking news.

More on Religion: I simply cannot fathom how people can come to believe that God condones violence, killing, slavery, rape. How can people believe that the path of violence and destruction is the right way? How can people train their young to think this way?

I believe that people everywhere are the same in that they fall in love, they want to get married, they want to raise a family, they want the best for their children and grandchildren. How can Violence and Hate achieve these?

Somehow, we need to remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want done to yourself.

3. Societies: It also boggles my mind how people can be born and raised in, for example, France, and not imbibe the French way of thinking. I can also refer to the US, where there are pockets of people who remain marginalized even though born and raised here. In this matter, I question the systems in these countries that have somehow cut off these people, that have somehow let them down, so they do not feel "French" or "American" and instead look for some other guiding thoughts to lead them.

These are some rambling thoughts this Thursday, dear Readers.

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