Monday, November 23, 2015

Belgium Uses Cat Power against Terrorists - #BrusselsLockdown #catpics

May the force be with us

On Brussels' third day of a lockdown, Sunday, the Belgian law enforcement asked their citizens not to post information about their operations on social media. The Belgians and others responded by posting funny cat pictures. This went viral and not only lightened the tension but also flooded the social media with memes that made it difficult for terrorists to track police activities.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter postings, followed by the thank-you from the law enforcement.

Leaked photos of #BrusselsLockdown suspects

Bat Cat

Belgium Police using the new 200mph Hovercat during terrorist operations

Covert ops.
They knew their day would come.

Residents told to stay away from windows. Not sure they got the message.

And the Police thank you:
For cats who helped us last night .. Help yourself! from Police Federale

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This is all for now,

(My cat is getting very irritated at these terrorists.)

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